What is an online workshop?

An AWW online workshop is a real class that is taught on our custom website that you attend with the use of your computer or electronic device. All you will need to attend our workshops is a credit card and an Internet connection. While many workshops are taught in locations such as group forums or on email loops—places created for individuals to congregate online—those areas are limited in amenities for the instructor and the student since they were never designed specifically to be for workshops.

AWW offers a custom-built classroom designed with today’s online workshop instruction in mind. AWW has created an environment that makes taking a workshop and being a student a pleasure.

You've never taken an online workshop before? No problem.

We’ll walk you through our program and show you how easy it is to learn more about writing from the comfort of your home, lunch breaks at work or anywhere, because our program is nothing like other online course sites.

Please click below for a quick tutorial.


Will I need any special electronic device or software program to attend an AWW workshop?

No, attending is easy. You simply need access to the Internet then you can attend using any device or computer. Once you’re online, go to AllWriterWorkshops.com and either register for your first workshop or, if you have already registered, Login to your dashboard.

How do I register as a student for a workshop?

Scroll through our workshops to choose one. Click on any workshop to open a page with information about the instructor and all the workshop details. Once you locate the workshop you’d like to attend, simply click PROCEED TO CHECKOUT at the bottom of the page and follow the instructions, which will first register you as a member of our website (once you are a member you will not see this interim page again), then from there you’ll be directed to the checkout page where you’ll pay.

Will I be able to ask questions during the workshop?

Absolutely! Every student who purchases the FULL Registration will be able to ask questions and interact with the instructor.

What is FULL Registration?

FULL Registration: The best way to learn a topic is by being able to interact within the classroom – ask questions and receive answers, participate in any activity the instructor presents and download any material the instructor might provide. A student will often learn as much from questions presented by other students. This is what makes for a great interactive workshop. If you’re unfamiliar with how to post questions in the comment boxes, just watch the tutorial for an example of conversation. This is the beauty of being in an environment that is very similar to a live classroom. Plus, since AWW has its own custom classroom, we can open it the day before class starts, so that you can enter early to become more familiar with all the amenities.

In what time zone will the workshops be taught?

Instructors live in different time zones, but the start and end times will be on each workshop Display Page that will open when you click on any workshop offered. All workshop times posted are Eastern time (Standard and Daylight Savings, depending on the time of the year) for simplicity. To locate your equivalent time zone, click here.

Will my real name be public in the classroom for others to see?

When you register, you will be asked to choose a Username that will be public as your identity on the AWW site—including in the classroom if you decide to interact and post comments.

Where will I go to take a workshop?

Once you've registered for a workshop, you'll find everything you need in your dashboard area, including this tutorial below, which shows how the Main Classroom and the Lecture Halls work. These are two customs aspects of All Writer Workshops that allows an instructor to speak on different topics in Lecture Halls, which are numbered. This means that a student can show up at any time, even a few days late, to catch up easily to what is being taught. All Writer Workshops was designed for people with busy lives.

Please click below for a quick tutorial on information for AFTER you've registered

Will I receive any study material in the workshop?

If the instructor provides media such as documents (PDF, Word, etc), JPGs or YouTube videos, you will be able to download files that you can keep and/or view videos during the workshop. (Full Registration only)

Will there be homework assignments?

Some instructors will have assignments and some may not. Be sure to read the information provided on the page for each workshop (the page you’ll reach when you click on a specific workshop) to know what to expect. (Full Registration only)

How will I turn in homework assignments?

Another wonderful element of our AWW design is that an instructor will have the option of giving homework to be posted as comments in the class where feedback will be posted publicly for the entire class or for students to load pages for individual feedback.  If the instructor asks students to turn in homework for individual feedback (which is not intended to be shared with the rest of the class), there is a private area for loading pages, reviewing material then returning it to the student. All other material and feedback will be shared with the class via comments. (Homework that requires feedback in any form is part of the Full Registration only)

NOTE – once you have joined as an AWW member or registered for workshop, which automatically joins you, you will find a special classroom tutorial in your dashboard. You can review this prior to the start of the workshop, plus you’ll have access to the classroom one day in advance of any instruction happening just to give you a chance to become familiar with the classroom.

What if I can’t get to the workshop during the scheduled dates?

All workshops will remain archived in your dashboard (once you register you’ll have access to your dashboard) for 20 days after the end of the scheduled workshop.

If I visit the workshop after it has ended, will I be able to interact with the instructor?

No, once the scheduled workshop has been completed, the instructor and moderator are no longer available. The archived class material will remain in the classroom area, plus all the comments exchanged during the workshop will remain, for you to review at your leisure until 20 days after the end of the workshop.

How much does a workshop cost?

That’s like asking, “How much is a new car?” because all cars are not the same. Our workshops generally start around $35 per student, but some will be offered at special prices or FREE during the year and everyone who is a member of AWW will be notified first for a chance to sign up before those classes fill up, and before we open them up to the public. Higher priced workshops will often be limited to small student numbers due to the amount of instructor time required to deliver the material and give feedback. Signing up early is always in your best interest. Be sure to visit our Homepage to view workshops geared to specific writing levels, or the All Workshops page to find every workshop scheduled. Note – we will constantly be adding workshops so be sure to stop back often.

Why do some workshops have limited registration?

To offer the highest quality of instruction, instructors will limit the number of students who can interact and receive feedback. For example, some material is too intensive to present to a hundred students posting comments, or uploading homework, on a daily basis.

I’ve taught workshops. Are you taking new instructors?

Yes! We’re always interested in adding instructors to our faculty. Please send us an email with what you teach and your past experience in online workshops – information@allonlineworkshops.com

What other benefits will I receive as a student?

Once you’re a member of AWW, you’ll be part of the exclusive group invited to FREE and specially priced workshops. As AWW grows, there will be even more opportunities for both members and instructors