Online workshops have never before offered the amenities that we have on AWW, so we’d like for you to take a moment to become familiar with our program.

Even if you’ve taught many workshops in the past, AWW’s program is very different – in a good way. Please take a moment to review this quick tutorial.

Where do I start once I’ve finished reading this page?

Go to your Dashboard and follow these steps:

  • HOW TO GET PAID: To prevent any delays in paying you once the workshop has been completed, go now to fill out all your payment information by clicking the Payment Info icon on left.
  • BUILDING YOUR PROFILE: Now it’s time to build your profile, which you’ll only have to do once, then you can edit all the elements at any time. We’ll automatically load the bio, photo, book covers, social icons and your website URL to pages where those items display. If you also load up to three PDFs (writing tips, for example), those will be downloadable on your Instructor Profile Page, which remains on AWW at all times. This is a wonderful way to promote yourself to potential students visiting the site.
  • To load your profile information, click the Account Info icon on the left to upload your photo and Instructor Account Info icon (on left) to upload more details such as your website, social links, etc.
  • * Once you’ve visited all the icons on the left in your dashboard and completed the online forms, now…
  • LOCATE YOUR CLASSROOM: Click the My Workshops icon on the left, find the TEACHING header then scroll down to locate the title of your next workshop. Once you’re there, look in the column on the right for a status that reads, Begin Workshop Setup, and proceed according to the next steps.

What is the definition of each status term?

In the TEACHING table (located by clicking My Workshops), the status field will change with the following terms as you complete your workshop set up.

Begin Workshop Set Up – This status is a link you’ll click to proceed with setting up your workshop. First you’ll review the workshop details for accuracy, then you will approve this page and click SUBMIT to move on to the Display Page set up.

Display Page In Progress – This status means you are in the progress of loading content for the workshop Display Page, which will be the sales page where potential students will find out the details of your workshop when they are deciding whether to register. Once you’ve loaded all the text boxes for your Display Page, you will click the Review button to preview the final page, which will include your photo, bio, social icons and website (these will automatically be loaded if you have previously completed your Account Info page). You may continue editing, but once you are satisfied, click SUBMIT to send the Display Page to our staff for final approval.

Waiting on Final Approval – This status means your workshop is being reviewed by the AWW staff for any errors. Someone will contact you if any additional information is required or if we have a question. (Workshops are generally reviewed within 48 hours)

Classroom Open – The Classroom is now accessible for the Instructor only. Please click on this status to enter the Main Classroom and begin preparation for the workshop. If you have any questions on this area, review the notes and tutorial above.

Classroom LIVE – This status appears one day in advance of the actual workshop start. Your welcome statement should be in place, but you are not expected in the classroom until the workshop start date and time. Please remember that posted start and end times are EASTERN TIME.

Classroom Closed – Classroom will be closed to students, moderators and instructors 20 days after workshop is completed.

What are the Main Classroom and the Lecture Hall?

The Main Classroom is the where you first enter the workshop area once the workshop is live. Instructors will welcome students by posting a message at the top of the Main Classroom (see tutorial) and use this same place to inform students when to enter a new Lecture Hall. The beauty of individual Lecture Halls is that the instructor and students can spend time discussing a particular topic in one location and not have to dig through hundreds of posts on all the topics to review that information later.

Lecture Halls are unique to AWW. Once inside the Main Classroom, if an instructor is teaching a series of topics in one workshop, there will be a separate Lecture Hall for each one. These numbered Lecture Halls will provide a student with an easy way to know exactly what has been taught and the order in which the material was taught. This is especially beneficial to the student who might miss a couple of days and need to catch up without digging through hundreds of posts. Catching up is simple. The student will click the button for Lecture 1, review that material and the comments, then move on to Lecture 2 and so on. This allows students to work at their own pace and for the instructor to present new material in a timely manner for all students.

(Click on INSTRUCTOR SLIDE TUTORIAL button above for a step-by-step guide on the Classroom.)


This is an example of a LECTURE hall

How can I provide hard copies of material to students?

If you choose to offer any documents or files (doc, docx, pdf, png, jpg, YouTube video), you will be able to easily upload that material in each respective Lecture Hall where you introduce the topic related to that material. The students will also be able to download the material. While it is not required, we will tell you that students really appreciate having these additional materials.

What happens if I give them homework assignments?

Another wonderful element of our AWW design is that students will have a private area to upload assignments. The instructor can access that same area to download those files, give feedback directly on the document, if desired, and return the file to the student in the same private area of the Main Classroom.

What if something comes up and a student can’t attend the workshop during the scheduled dates and asks about a refund?

Remind the student that all workshops will remain archived for 20 days after the END of the scheduled workshop, plus tell them to please contact the moderator with those questions. If you feel a student becomes difficult or is distracting the class, contact the moderator and share this information. All contact with the moderator is private.

If students visit the workshop after it has ended, will I be expected to return to interact with them?

No, the students have been informed that once the scheduled workshop has been completed, the instructor and moderator are no longer available. The archived class material will be there plus all the comments exchanged during the workshop for them to review at their leisure for 20 additional days.

What is an OBSERVATION ONLY Registration?

To offer the highest quality of instruction, some workshops must have limited registration to allow instructors enough time to interact with all the students.

For that reason, we’ve opened up a special registration that allows students to only observe the class, which means those students will see your instruction, plus all the comments posted in the Main Classroom concurrently from all the Lecture Halls (see images above for these two locations, and review the tutorial). OBSERVATION ONLY Registration includes the ability to observe all the interaction and to contact a moderator, but it does not allow for any interaction with the instructor or other students. Nor does it allow downloading material the instructor gives the students.

This registration is ideal for a new student who has never taken a workshop who would like to be able to read the posts and see how students interact with instructors.

Will students fill out a review on the workshop?

We provide a survey for every student after each workshop. Their feedback is critical in helping us decide what workshops and instructors are best suited to AWW’s platform of putting quality first. Additionally, we will send a survey to the instructor, so he or she can give feedback and share with us any suggestions for improving the program.

What if a student has questions about the website?

Students are being instructed to go through their own tutorial, which points out that each workshop will have a moderator on call. Any question not directly related to the workshop material should be directed to the moderator.

What if I can’t get into the classroom?

Check your workshop in the TEACHING table inside My Workshops to be sure the status says Classroom Open. If you still can’t access the classroom once you’ve confirmed the status, please contact our staff at (or click the Contact link on the top navigation bar). Also, once the class has begun, if you need anything, please contact the moderator who has a direct line to our admin staff.

Will anyone else see my comments to the moderator?

No, the Contact Moderator link (on the left side of the Main Classroom in the Welcome box) is private so that no one will see your conversation with the moderator except the two of you, and you will not see anyone else’s comments to the moderator.