Our goal is to provide quality workshops that will benefit all participants – students and instructors.



Every registration has a deadline, but some workshops also have limited registration, which means a workshop registration may end prior to the deadline date if the student capacity is filled. This allows our instructors to provide each student who signs up for the FULL Registration workshop with the time and attention necessary to a quality program. Unless otherwise stated, the cut-off will be one day prior to the start of the workshop for all types of registration. FULL Registrations with limited capacity will be closed once that limited capacity has been filled. Any workshop that is visible on the schedule is still open for at least the limited OBSERVATION ONLY Registration (explained below). Once a workshop has ended on the date that was displayed, the classroom will remain open for an additional 20 days to allow students to review any material, but the instructor is not expected to return during that 20 day period.  



Instructors are expected to arrive in the classroom at the agreed upon start time (EST is used) for the first day of class. There will be places for the instructor to inform the class when to expect the instructor to return. These classes are set up so that students may keep up around their schedule. For that reason, an instructor is not expected in the class continually, but often enough to keep up with questions and on a regular basis during a class that extends more than a couple days. In other words, if the workshop is for three weeks, it will limit confusion if the students know when to expect the instructor to arrive, introduce new material and return any feedback.



Moderators are provided at no additional cost to the instructor. Students with questions not related to the material being taught should be politely asked to contact the Moderator (that access is inside each classroom and easy to find).



All US instructors are paid by check. AWW staff will make individual arrangements with international instructors and those payments will be made by PayPal. No payment is made until all required payment information has been submitted and the workshop has been completed successfully. *Successfully means that an instructor delivered the material agreed upon and gave a value to the students for their time and money. *Unsuccessful would be for example (but not limited to) an instructor who failed to arrive when expected or to teach the material intended. If an instructor teaches a workshop as expected and there is a large amount of negative feedback, the instructor will still be paid as agreed upon, but not scheduled for any future classes.  


Cancellations & Refunds

AWW understands that life occasionally creates complications. Any workshop cancellation will be taken on a case-by-case basis. If an instructor cannot teach a workshop, the instructor agrees to allow AWW to make the final decision on whether the workshop will be rescheduled or taught by another instructor, or a completely different workshop, depending on feedback from students schedule. The instructor will not be charged with any cost due to the cancellation and AWW will have the option of negotiating a different rate for a future workshop if AWW ends up absorbing a loss from the cancellation. All decisions for a cancelled workshop will be left up to AWW staff. Instructors are expected to contact AWW immediately upon determining the instructor will have to cancel.


Program Software Requirements

The All Writer Workshops interface has been designed for ease of use. In order to participate fully in all workshop areas and activities, you will need a current Internet browser, version 6.0 or higher of Internet Explorer (version 5.0 for Mac users), version 7 or higher of Netscape Navigator, Mozilla Firefox, or Apple’s Safari (we do not recommend using AOL’s built-in browser or any other Internet Service Provider’s proprietary browser, as certain functions may be restricted). Because we regularly upgrade the site and add features, we recommend always using the most current browser version available for your system to make sure that you can take advantage of enhancements as they are made. If you need to upgrade your browser, go to your browser manufacturer’s website and click on the free download. You will also need an email account to receive registration confirmations and workshop announcements.


Workshop Confirmation

Instructors will receive email confirmation of every workshop that is accepted by AWW. As soon as the instructor receives this email confirmation, the instructor must begin immediately filling out account information and following the steps in the instructor’s dashboard that will end with the Display Page being completed. The Display Page is the workshop sales page.


Attendance and Assignments

Our workshops are not academic classes; students do not expect to be graded on attendance or writing assignments. However, it’s important to encourage students to participate. A certain amount of flexibility is inherent to an online workshop, but that does not mean an instructor will be available twenty-four hours a day. We encourage each instructor to keep students informed of the times the instructor will be in the classroom.


Degree Credits

AWW online workshops are not graded, and we do not confer any type of academic credit. However, many colleges and universities do accept non-accredited distance education course work on a case-by-case basis. This decision is solely at the discretion of the undergraduate program to which a student applies, and inquiries should be directed to that program’s administrative staff.


Tax Information

US instructors will receive a 1099 for tax reporting purposes. Instructors paid through Paypal will receive tax reporting documentation from Paypal. If an instructor requires any other tax reporting documents, that instructor must contact with the details of what is required by no later than November 30th in any calendar year.


International Students

Proficiency in English is required for all online workshops. In any grammar-related workshops, grammar and/or grammar usage is not intended to meet ESL requirements.


Instructor Services

For more information, please first read through all the information located on your dashboard, then contact our administrative or technical support staff with any other questions at  


All Writer Workshops is a division of MAGA LLC, 1029 N. Peachtree Pkwy, Suite 335, Peachtree City, GA 30269.



These terms are subject to change. Instructors should review the terms every time to insure staying up to date on any changes.


Last update March 1, 2015