Welcome to the team!

Online workshops have never before offered the amenities that we have on AWW, so we’d like for you to take a moment to become familiar with our program. All the following information stays here for referencing at any time.

Now that you’re familiar with AWW workshops, visit the tutorial below to review the classroom and to see the areas that are unique to Moderators.

Please click below for a quick tutorial

Where do I start once I’ve finished reading this page?

  • First to prevent any delay in receiving payment, be sure to fill out all the information we need for paying you by clicking on the icon on the left marked Payment Info.
  • Next, if you do not already have a photo or avatar loaded, visit the Account Info icon (on left) then upload either your photo or an avatar (an image that can be anything – a flower, etc), which will be the public image of “you” when you post comments in the classroom (similar to how your profile image posts somewhere like Facebook). You can edit this at any time. It’s very important that you upload an image to make it easier for the instructor and students to identify you.).
  • Make a note on your calendar to return to this website the day “before” the workshop starts.
  • When you return on the day before your workshop, Login to access your dashboard then click on My Workshops (icon on the left). This will open a table that shows all the workshops in which you are registered. You will see MODERATING at the top of the table listing all the workshops you are moderating (NOTE: if you are a student of other workshops, those will be under the header ATTENDING). Once you locate the Title of the workshop you’re moderating next, check for the status on the far right. Once it changes from Workshop On Sale to Classroom Live, the classroom is now open. Click on that CLASSROOM LIVE status to enter the Main Classroom.
  • Once you are in the Main Classroom, please do these 3 things: Read the INSTRUCTOR TIPS (on left), which is specific to that workshop; Review the WORKSHOPS TIPS (on left) that will answer many of your questions; Post a hello comment to let the students and instructor know that you have joined the classroom.
  • In the meantime while you’re waiting on your workshop to begin, you can review the WORKSHOP TIPS by clicking here.
  • If you run into an issue with any of the above steps, please contact the AWW staff at information@allonlineworkshops.com and list the Workshop Title in the subject line.

What sort of questions will I have to answer?

Students who have not reviewed the instructions in their Student Information Area (the green STUDENTS flag on their dashboard), the WORKSHOP TIPS or the INSTRUCTOR TIPS may have general questions you can answer easily by a) answering their question, then b) very nicely pointing them toward one of those three areas mentioned for more information.

Please DO NOT just tell the student to go read the FAQs and TIPS. That is the point in having a moderator who can help make the start of class friendly, easy, and as smooth a transition as possible.

What if my prior experience as a student and the information in the areas listed above do not supply the answer I need for a student?

If you run into a technical issue such as someone unable to sign into their dashboard or something not functioning correctly for an instructor or a student, you should text the emergency number you will be given prior to the start of each class via a reminder email. An AWW staff member will be in touch.

What if a student says he or she can’t finish the class and asks for a refund?

Students are informed in advance of registration that workshops are not transferable and are only 50% refundable if they cancel prior to 5 days out. If students ask about that, please tell them that even though the workshop fee is not refundable after that 5-day period, the workshop classroom remains accessible for 20 days after the END of the scheduled workshop.

The student can return at any time to access all the Main Classroom, Lecture halls, all comments and all downloads by clicking My Workshops at any time during that 20-day period.

*If this does not satisfy the student or they become belligerent in any way, text the emergency number and an AWW staff member will be in touch.

What if someone complains they can’t post a comment or access the Lecture halls?

This could be due to the student having signed up for an OBSERVATION ONLY Registration, which was explained in detail during the registration process. Ask the student if he/she paid for the OBSERVATION ONLY Registration. If so, give them this information that is in the FAQ on the main website.

FULL Registration: The best way to learn a topic is by being able to interact within the classroom – ask questions and receive answers, participate in any activity the instructor presents and download any material the instructor might provide. Students often learn from questions presented by other students. This is what makes for a great interactive workshop. If you’re unfamiliar with how to post questions in the comment boxes, just watch the tutorial for an example of conversation. This is the beauty of being in an environment that is very similar to a live classroom. Plus, since we have a custom classroom, we can open it the day before the workshop, so that you can enter early to become more familiar with all the amenities.

OBSERVATION ONLY Registration: We know there are writers who would prefer to only observe to see if taking a workshop is right for them. This is especially true for new writers, who might feel a bit intimidated the first time. Our goal is for every student to be comfortable, have a great time, and learn. For a lower fee, we offer an OBSERVATION ONLY Registration, which will allow you to do just that – observe only. With this registration, a student will be able to see all the interaction posts between the instructor and students in the Main Classroom. However, this registration does not allow the student to interact (can’t post comments), download any classroom material or upload any assignments.

*If this student persists in asking why they can’t post or becomes upset at any point, use the text number to contact your AWW staff member.

Does AWW want feedback on any workshop I moderate?

Yes!! Your feedback is critical in helping us decide what workshops and instructors are best suited to AWW’s platform of putting quality first. Additionally, we will send a survey for you to share any suggestions you have on improving the program. If students ask, they also receive surveys after the workshop is completed.

What if I can’t get into the classroom?

Go to My Workshops icon (on left) in your dashboard and find MODERATING then locate the workshop you are moderating next. At this point, check the status. If it does “not” show Classroom Live, then check the dates to see if you are too early. The classroom will be accessible one day prior to the start of the workshop.

If the classroom should be open according to the date and you still can’t access the classroom at this point, please text your AWW Staff member.

Will everyone see comments to the moderator?

No, each student has a private link when they click on CONTACT MODERATOR so that no one will see your conversation with the student, but you will be able to see everyone’s comments by clicking on CONTACT MODERATOR. All comments will be sent to you on your wall only.

*Every time someone posts a comment to you, you will receive an email at the address you loaded When you reply to the comments, the person who contacted you will receive an email notice of a message waiting for them.

Click on MODERATOR TUTORIAL button above.


This is an example of a LECTURE hall