Two things that ever writer needs to know...

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Are you writing your first book or fifty-first book? We have resources for everyone from beginners to multi-published authors.

What are the two things every writer needs to know?

#1 – How to best manage business time not spent writing the book.
#2 – How to keep handing readers a better book every time.

The answer to #1 is All Writer Resources, a website that brings all the service providers for writers into one place. Your time is too important to spend constantly surfing for a new editor or cover artist, or hunting for marketing groups.

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The answer to #2 is All Writer Workshops, a premier online workshops program unlike any before. Teaching and attending workshops has never been easier than on a site designed to make keeping up with an online class simple and convenient.

Here’s a look at some of the workshops coming up –

Write, Edit and Market A First Book – Part I taught by New York Times bestseller Dianna Love is for the beginner writer who needs guidance and someone to answer questions.

Body Language On The Page
by USA Today bestseller Mary Buckham shows how to power up emotion and how to avoid overusing body language elements.

Time To Write I,
the first of a two-part series by Kelly L Stone, author of Time To Write, who will teach how to overcome obstacles and maximize time to get that book done.

Backstory, Motivation and Conflict
taught by Master Instructor Jodi Henley shows how to harness the power of specific, focused backstory to write better, tighter, and more resonant stories.

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Tip of the Day

Every writer needs more than “just a website.” Treat your writing like a business and you will grow your business. This starts with having a professional site built, but within your budget.

Where can you get that? At where websites are created specifically for authors with a dashboard that allows easy updates on the fly. Find out more here.