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Online workshops have never before offered the amenities that we have on AWW, so we’d like for you to take a moment to become familiar with our program. All the following information stays here for referencing at any time.

What is an online workshop?

Many other workshops are taught in group forums or loops, which are places that allow an area for teaching, but those are limited in amenities for the instructor and the student. AWW offers a custom-built classroom designed with today’s online workshop instruction in mind. AWW has created an environment that makes taking a workshop, and being a student, a pleasure.

You've never taken an online workshop before? No problem.

We’ll walk you through our program and show you how easy it is to learn more about writing, either from the comfort of your home, or even on lunch breaks at work, because our program is nothing like other online course sites.

Please click below for a quick tutorial

What am I supposed to do now that I’m registered?

  • Click on the Account Info icon (on left) then upload either your photo or an avatar (an image that can be anything – a flower, etc), which will be the public image of “you” when you post comments in the classroom (similar to how your profile image posts somewhere like Facebook). You can edit this at any time. It’s very important that you upload an image to make it easier for the instructor to identify students more quickly (as opposed to a lot of blank profile boxes).
  • Make a note on your calendar to return to this website the day before the workshop starts.
  • When you return on the day before your workshop, Login to access your DASHBOARD then click on My Workshops (icon on the left side). This will open a table that shows all the workshops in which you are registered. You will see ATTENDING at the top of the table listing all your workshops. Once you locate the title of the workshop you’re taking, check for the status on the far right to say Classroom Live. Click on that status to enter the Main Classroom.
  • Once you are in the Main Classroom, please do these 3 things: Read the INSTRUCTOR TIPS (on left), which is specific to that workshop; Read the WORKSHOP TIPS (on left) that will answer many of your questions; Post a hello comment to let the moderator know that you have arrived.
  • Between now and your workshop start date, you can review the WORKSHOP TIPS by clicking here.

What if I can’t get into the classroom?

Check the date again to be sure you’re not too early and the classroom is not open yet. If the status does read CLASSROOM LIVE and you still can’t access the classroom, please contact our staff at information@allonlineworkshops.com and include the workshop title in the subject line.

What if I have a time conflict and can’t be in the classroom on the start date?

This is not a problem, as our workshops are set up to make it easy for you to catch up if you are late joining. Each workshop classroom has Lecture halls where the instructor will speak about different material. The instructor will post a note in the Main Classroom every time a new topic is introduced in a different Lecture hall.

Each lecture is numbered. For example, if this is a two-week class and you join four days late, the instructor might have completed two lectures. You’ll find buttons at the top of the Main Classroom page for Lecture 1 and Lecture 2, and so on. Click on them in order to review everything the instructor has shared to date, including comments by other students.

What are the Main Classroom and the Lecture hall?

The Main Classroom is the first place you visit upon entering a live workshop. All comments posted in each Lecture hall will also post chronologically in this Main Classroom, but the beauty of individual Lecture halls is that the instructor and students can spend time discussing a particular topic in one location and not have to dig through hundreds of posts on all the topics to review that information later.

Lecture halls are unique to AWW. When you enter the Main Classroom, if an instructor teaches a series of topics in one workshop, there will be a separate Lecture hall for each one. These numbered Lecture halls will provide a student with an easy way to know exactly what has been taught and the order in which the material was taught. This is especially beneficial to the student who might miss a couple of days and need to catch up without digging through hundreds of posts. Catching up is simple. The student will click the button for Lecture 1, review that material and the comments, then move on to Lecture 2 and so on. This allows you to work at your own pace and for the instructor to present new material in a timely manner for all students.

Click on CLASSROOM TUTORIAL button above.


This is an example of a LECTURE hall

Will I receive any study material in the workshop?

If the instructor provides media such as documents (PDF, Word, etc), JPGs or YouTube videos, you will be able to download files that you can keep and/or view during the workshop.

What do I do if I have homework to turn in?

Another wonderful element of our AWW design is that an instructor will have the option of giving homework to be posted as comments in the class where feedback will be posted publicly for the entire class or for students to load pages for individual feedback.  If the instructor asks students to turn in homework for individual feedback (which is not intended to be shared with the rest of the class), there is a private area for loading pages, reviewing material then returning it to the student. All other material and feedback will be shared with the class via comments. (Homework that requires feedback in any form is part of the Full Registration only) You just click UPLOAD ASSIGNMENTS in the Welcome box on the left side of the Main Classroom.

Once you upload an assignment file (such as a Word doc, for example), the instructor will access the document in the same (UPLOAD ASSIGNMENT) area, but no one else will have access to your document. If the instructor offers feedback, the document with comments will be posted in the same private space that only you and the instructor can access.

What if something comes up and I can’t get to the workshop during the workshop dates?

All workshops will remain archived for 20 days after the END of the scheduled workshop. You may access all the Main Classroom and Lecture halls through your dashboard by clicking MY WORKSHOPS at any time during that 20-day period.

If I visit the workshop after it has ended, will I be able to interact with the Instructor?

No, once the scheduled workshop has been completed, the instructor and moderator are no longer available, and you cannot turn in homework or receive feedback. The archived class material will be there plus all the comments exchanged during the workshop for you to review at your leisure for the additional 20 days.

What other benefits will I receive as a student?

Once you’re a member of AWW, you’ll be part of the exclusive group invited to FREE and specially priced workshops. As AWW grows, there will be more opportunities for our members and Instructors.

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