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Narrative Nonfiction Editing

Master Instructor

Jodi Henley

Start: MARCH 1, 2018

at 09:00 AM Eastern Time

End: MARCH 15, 2018

at 11:59 PM Eastern Time

  • Classroom opens 24 hrs before
    workshop begins
  • Classroom remains open for 20
    days after end of workshop

I signed up for Jodi's workshop on transformational arcs because of specific comments from two acquiring editors. Jodi took the time to understand my situation, the editorial feedback, and my novella, including what I could (and should) realistically accomplish in that length piece. I didn't expect to receive such detailed one-on-one feedback.

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Feb 28 ~ 11:59 PM
Eastern Time

Jodi Henley is a developmental editor based in the Seattle area, Jodi specializes in character-driven fiction, and is well-known for her ability to turn theory into practical, usable bites. A big fan of the transformational character arc, emotional structure and backstory, Jodi spends her days utilizing the information in her workshops. Jodi believes that there is no one size fits all approach to learning, and has dedicated her workshops to helping people learn in a way that works for them.

Description of Workshop:

You have a pile of pages and chapters, but a first draft is just to get the energy, emotion and excitement down on paper. Now its time to go back and start grooming those pages so they shine when it's time to print them. 

This workshop will cover self-editing, finding beta readers, and creating a blurb. 

What is required to be prepared for this class?

Please have at least two chapters and a general idea of where the story is going. Although you don't have to take the rest of the series in order to take this one, if you are jumping into the workshop series at this point, please have at least an intermediate skill set.

Will there be homework and feedback?


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