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Ask Anything: Writing Fiction

Master Instructor

Jodi Henley

Start: JUNE 8, 2019

at 09:00 AM Eastern Time

End: JUNE 8, 2019

at 11:59 PM Eastern Time

  • Classroom opens 24 hrs before
    workshop begins
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I can’t believe how much information I received for free and in one day – thank you for doing the Q&A!

Cecilia Martin


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Jun 07 ~ 11:59 PM
Eastern Time

Jodi Henley is a developmental editor based in the Seattle area, Jodi specializes in character-driven fiction, and is well-known for her ability to turn theory into practical, usable bites. A big fan of the transformational character arc, emotional structure and backstory, Jodi spends her days utilizing the information in her workshops. Jodi believes that there is no one size fits all approach to learning, and has dedicated her workshops to helping people learn in a way that works for them.

Description of Workshop:

New York Times Bestseller Dianna Love will join content editor Jodi Henley for this one day Q&A.

Are you new to writing and hit a wall in your story?

Are you multi-published in one genre and feel like your books are buried in a crowded field? Are you losing readers because they don’t connect with your hero/heroine in the first scene? What are the pros and cons of a series?

What are the pros and cons of co-authoring a book?

Bring your questions for Jodi and Dianna. Jodi works with all levels of writers every day from content editing to advising best ways to position their books and what readers are gobbling up right now. Authors of all genres love working with Jodi. Dianna understands publishing from being a newbie whose first book won a Golden Heart® award, then sold to New York and went on to win a RITA®. She’s traveled internationally, speaking to readers and writers at all levels of her career, but enjoys nothing more than helping the new writer starting out.

Attend on your schedule: You can jump into the online classroom at any time during the day or night to ask questions (the main classroom opens the day before the workshop so you can start posting early in Jodi and Dianna’s Lecture Halls). Jodi and Dianna will be on the AWW site throughout the day (Jodi's a night owl so she'll be around in the evenings) replying and they’ll both check early the next morning for any questions posted after they signed off the evening before.

What is required to be prepared for this class?

A story in progress or an idea for one.

Will there be homework and feedback?


Additional Information:

Please note: All questions are welcome, but please do not post story text to be critiqued or as an example. This is not a workshop but an open discussion between instructors and writers – we keep workshop registrations limited to small groups so we can provide quality instruction during the time frame allowed.

If you want information about a workshop on a particular topic, please mention it to Jodi or Dianna. We host workshops all year long and may already have something in place that would work for you.

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