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Jodi Henley

Start: JANUARY 6, 2020

at 09:00 AM Eastern Time

End: JANUARY 6, 2020

at 11:59 PM Eastern Time

  • Classroom opens 24 hrs before
    workshop begins
  • Classroom remains open for 20
    days after end of workshop

I signed up for Jodi's workshop on transformational arcs because of specific comments from two acquiring editors. Jodi took the time to understand my situation, the editorial feedback, and my novella, including what I could (and should) realistically accomplish in that length piece. I didn't expect to receive such detailed one-on-one feedback.

Kristine Bria


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Jan 05 ~ 11:59 PM
Eastern Time

Jodi Henley is a developmental editor based in the Seattle area, Jodi specializes in character-driven fiction, and is well-known for her ability to turn theory into practical, usable bites. A big fan of the transformational character arc, emotional structure and backstory, Jodi spends her days utilizing the information in her workshops. Jodi believes that there is no one size fits all approach to learning, and has dedicated her workshops to helping people learn in a way that works for them.

Description of Workshop:

Join us - Development content editor JODI HENLEY and New York Times Bestseller DIANNA LOVE - for an open Q&A.


• Do you want the pros and cons of starting with a question, opening in the middle of the action, or starting with exposition for “your” story?


• How can you fix an unsympathetic or just plain boring protagonist?


• Nobody seems to be connecting with your heroine ... is there a way to make people understand her?


• What's the best way to launch a new book, or a new series, in today's market?


• Are audiobooks worth the investment with a first book?


• Is publishing more content, and often, the key to success? What if you can't write as fast as other authors?


Bring your questions to a nurturing atmosphere where there really is no stupid question. We were new at one point, too. We asked a million questions, and still do.


Jodi Henley is a professional content editor who works with writers at all stages in their careers. She specializes in character-driven stories and people who’ve hit the limits of what they can do by themselves. She loves questions and works hard to create carefully thought out, personalized answers.


Dianna Love is a New York Times bestseller, who was originally published in New York with the first book she wrote. When the Indie market developed to the point of being sustainable, she made the decision to go in that direction in spite of a current contract offer and has never looked back.


Spend a day with two people who understand this business and enjoy talking to writers.


What is required to be prepared for this class?

New and multi-published writers: Bring your questions and curiosity! If you have a writing or critique partner, bring them, too.


Will there be homework and feedback?


Additional Information:


Much as we'd like to help, we can't critique your work - that's a different workshop. Please understand that we can suggest ways to help yourself, offer opinions, or direct you to resources that might work for you, but due to time constraints and wanting to answer everyone's questions, we're unable to work with a writer's story one-on-one in this Q&A workshop.


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